At Sewa Mandir, we provide Hi-Tech facilities, which includes:

  • Pathology Lab & Diagnostic Center
  • Mobile Units
  • Research and Development Center
  • Library

Pathology & Diagnostic Center


  • Diagnostic & Pathological Lab of Sewa Mandir is equipped with following apparatuses and equipments.
  • Ultrasonography (Toshiba Just Vision 200)
  • Biochemistry RA 50 (Semi auto analyser)
  • Hormone & Immune assay (ELISA Reader)
  • Haematology Analyser (ADVIA 60)
  • Urine Analyser (CLINITEK 50)
  • Malarial parasite Detection by QBC
  • X-ray &  ECG.

  • Mobile Units

    (a) Five mobile units move daily to distant peripheral locations, slums, underserved areas which otherwise have no medical facility.These units are staffed with doctors, dispensers and social workers.(b) 0ne Geriatric unit is for athome service for senior citizens visiting them on weekly basis.

    (c) Ambulance services for transporting sick people to and from Sewa Mandir.

    Research and Development Center

    Works with highly qualified and experienced doctors. It takes care of:(a) Chronic, difficult and incurable cases with the help of Radar Version 7.3, the most advanced & integrated multimedia computer repertory which selects the Constitutional remedies.

    (b) Works on indigenous herbs and their medical uses.

    (c) Patients education and awareness about health and diseases through councelling, writing and publishing.


    It has attached Research Laboratories and a library of more than 4000 books on different systems of treatment, healing & different areas of life to understsnd the patient.