A Dedicated Mission in Eternal Search of Complete Truth

Between the concept and the truth a dream project was started 1n 1980 at Ajmer by SATISH VERMA, to find the completeness of inner freedom through natural healing. The pain, morbidity & suffering around us brought the strength to develop the awareness for bringing the creative service, selfless and beyond the personal choices. It was named SEWA MANDIR. The idea was lapped up by many philanthropists and Sewa Mandir became an institution. The brief resume is as follows .

  • Concept, theme & idea of SEWA MANDIR Developed By Shri Satish Verma in 1979
  • Establishment Year 1980
  • Popular name of SEWA MANDIR From 1982
  • First formal institutional name (Sewa Mandir Charitable Trust) 1984
  • Final registered shape (Sewa Mandir Foundation) 1989

    Initiation of Sewa Mandir Research Centre
    & Green Homoeopathy

    By Shri Satish Verma 2002
    Helping hand & Donation for Main building
    (3A, Mayur Colony, Ajmer)

    Shri Mohal Lal Lohia 1995
    Helping hand & Donations for Sewa Mandir Research Centre building
    (3B, Mayur Colony, Ajmer)

    Shri Deoki Nandan Aggarwal, Surat


    Shri Nagendra Prasad Bhargava
    First President
    Late Shri Gauri Shankar Toshniwal
    15 Apr 1989 to 23 Jan 1992
    Second President
    Late Shri Badri Prasad Toshniwal
    12 May 1992 to 17 Sept 1994
    Third  President
    Shri T. N. Chaturvedi
    Former Governor of Karnataka
    6 Nov 1994 to 7 Jan 2020
    Managing Trustee
    Shri Satish Verma
    Since 1984

    Executive Secretary

    Dr. Abhilasha Singh Gaur

    Since 2020


  • Shri N.P.Bhargava, New Delhi
  • Shri Ravi Toshniwal,Ajmer
  • Shri Sunil Toshniwal,New Delhi
  • Dr Smita Bijlani, USA
  • Shri Purshottam Kapai, Hong Kong
  • Dr. Ashish Verma,USA
  • Shri Satish Verma,Ajmer


    The philosophy of Sewa Mandir is to go beyond oneself to show the deepest concern for human values & doing good to others. In the development of this awareness TOSHNIWAL FAMILY, which grew from the soil of Ajmer gave a powerful support in the first decade of Sewa Mandir & laid down the foundation of present majestic form. Sewa Mandir provides a complete system of holistic cure for wholeness of mind, body & soul.In the present globalization where man made boundaries are breaking down fast, something of reverse osmosis is taking place. The role of modern medicine is being questioned and there is renewed interest in the natural, untreated, unaltered products of nature to heal the mind, body and soul. The mindset, thought process and insight into the mystic strength of complementary medicine is gaining ground. The gift of ageless ability is catching the fancy of people.

    Two Fundamental Principles that Herbal Medicines share with Other Alternative Therapies –

    Concept of working with the body instead of fighting against a disease. It enhances the body’s innate ability to fight disease and return itself to health.

    Herbs play central role in Homoeopathy, Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and Naturpathy. In addition medicinal plants are connected to nutritional therapies because some herbs such as onion & garlic are food also.

    It is well known fact that 25% of all pharmaceuticals are still derived from the plants. Malaria drug quinine was extracted from South American Cinchona bark. Digitalis is used to treat congestive heart failure which, comes from foxglove. Aspirin is an extract of white willow bark. The active ingredient of Listerine is antiseptic thymol which comes from thyme essential oil. To speed up healing of wounds Symphytum derivative allantoin is used. The taxol compound derived from Yew tree(Taxus baccata) is being used to treat breast & ovarian cancer.

    The research by randomized placebo controlled, double blind trials of Ginkgo biloba at Albert Einstein College of Medicine proved that out of 309 people diagnosed with Alzheimer disease it was found that Ginkgo significantly slowed the mental deterioration. The results were published in JAMA.

    Herbs are safer to take because they are less potent than drugs. Allopathic pharmaceuticals extract chemical constituents from plants or create synthetic versions in the laboratory then pack the substances into the pills or capsules. In herbal product the plant material limits itself of the medicinal compounds. Reduced risk of side effects is a big reason why medicinal herbs have been so popular.


    Classical Homoeopathy has been using micro doses of medicinal plants & other sources in treating constitutional problems. It had an excellent track record but it didn’t get global acceptance because of its failure to manage the biggest scourges & killers of mankind viz Heart disease, Cancer & HIV/AIDS & Diabetes. Moreover pure homoeopathy lacked in identifying & diagnosing various complicated problems. Homoeopathy further lacked the research & documentation of its results. Number of international communities & establishment like AMA (American Medical Association) called it only as placebo effect.The history of mankind’s search of healing plants as natural medicine or folk medicine ultimately can provide the answer as substitute for pharmaceutical drugs which has the strong lobby. The traditional herbal medicine treats the patient, not the disease & overall health of the patient is improved.

    In last couple of months SEWA MANDIR have opened a new chapter in Homoeopathy, called “GREEN HOMOEOPATHY” . Perhaps one is aware that in last 200 years or so Homoeopathy as a natural science was able to handle most of the elementary diseases & problems and it had a limited role in resolving the life threatening diseases. With the advancement of main stream medicine, Homoeopathy was left behind to take care of poor or needy people as a non-violent therapy. Due to lack of funds or financial lobby no research was done or any effort made to take it to that proficiency where it could handle the more serious problems. Most of the killer diseases remained untouched like various Heart problems, Diabetic complications, kidney failure, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Various cancers, HIV & AIDS.

    We in Sewa Mandir, accepted this challenge & started a bit of research to unearth and gather the time honoured herbal medicines of India, Ancient Egypt, North & Latin America & China . A number of most tried one Indian herbs were used as Homoeopathic mother tinctures with excellent results and till date we have published about 100 articles in various papers. To expand and consolidate our activities we have acquired a new building just at the back of our present location and purchased the apparatuses, developed a sound library and got the natural herbs from different sources especially from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for example Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, Dang gui, Bupleurum, Kudzu etc.

    In last couple of years our R/D had been doing some research and published articles to develop the awareness among the people about the potential in Green Homoeopathy. So far the following incurable problems have been identified with the scope of Homoeopathy in helping the people.


    Green Homoeopathy can strive to make man healthy in the face of chronic stress, pollution & re-emergence of mutative viral diseases like Avian Flu. It can along with microdoses, resolve the illnesses from common allergies to chronic fatigue & cancer.

    Green Homoeopathy is the liquid herbal extract also called mother tincture or Q. It is a concentrated liquid containing the herb’s chemical constituents dissolved into a solution of alcohol & water. It preserves the aroma, taste & biological activity of the herb. Alcohol is the only edible solvent which extracts & preserves the herbal constituents. It is a great carrying agent which facilitates the herb’s constituents into the blood stream.

    In past two decades the use of herbal medicines have become popular in North America, Europe, China, Japan, Korea & Latin America. South Korea’s economy hinges around GINSENG. The natural therapy along with modern art of treatment has become the best power to heal.

    The Egyptian medicine, Indian Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicines and Japanese kampo and the native healing systems of Africa, Australia & America are being now condensed into Green Homoeopathy.

    We in SEWA MANDIR are trying to develop a new school of thought to enlarge the horizons of homoeopathy and bring it an honorable status of a recognized science in relationship with modern medicine.


    Sewa Mandir is preparing a ground for a very important project, which is becoming increasingly relevant to Indian context. It is about Type 2 diabetes which is an epidemic that is presently exploding in India. With the explosion of disease, treatment modalities are limited & not very easily accepted by the masses in India due to cultural & religious background. Our heritage has always been with therapies originating from our environment rather than chemicals manufactured from laboratories.Type 2 diabetes is a very complex disease that is due to two main causes, viz. lack of insulin action due to a condition called ‘ Insulin resistance ‘ and finally tiring of the pancreas leading to lack of insulin. If the disease can be treated early by a combination of medicines that can lower insulin resistance and help the pancreas make more insulin, it has been shown that the complications can be prevented.

    Allopathic medicines currently available for treatment of diabetes have several side effects and do not treat ‘Insulin resistance’. Green Homoeopathy will make available medications derived from plant sources that will work at the cellular level to fix the defect that cause ‘Insulin resistance’ . Due to its derivation from plant sources it will have minimal side effects and will increase the compliance by the masses who will use it as a natural remedy with no perceptible side effects.